A Deck and a BBQ

The selling feature of the new place Ryan and I are renting is the huge rooftop deck!  It’s incredible.  We both missed outdoor space so much at our old place and we craved to be able to eat and hangout outside again.   A balcony was on our must have list to move, we just never imagined this big of a deck.  Now we’re always out there.  I love weekends where we eat all three meals out on our deck.  We’ve also hosted a few dinner parties out there – all BBQs of course!  It’s so enjoyable and I love being able to eat great food and drink sangria while socializing with friends and family.  That’s what life is all about right!

We got a fantastic new BBQ and boy do we try to use every excuse possible to grill every night!!  After a few weeks we started realizing that we needed some new meat options, our rotation was too small.  Now we are open to exploring new meats, cuts and recipes and we’ve found some delicious new things to cook.

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Camping Gluten Free

Beautiful views in Bruce Peninsula

Growing up my family never camped, but several of my best friends’ families did, which meant throughout high school I’d tag along with their families or when we were able to drive, our group of girls would go camping together.  Those trips were always the best and I fondly think back on those memories and all of the amazing food we ate hunched over at our picnic table, lazy morning sudokus and the rainy nights drinking and playing Monopoly.

About four years ago, I thought it would be fun if Ryan and I got into camping.  Since neither of us came from camping families, we were shocked at how expensive it was to start fresh and buy our own gear.  But it turned out it was worth it, we love camping and good gear can last a long time!

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Food-Themed New Year’s Resolutions

Typically to ring in the New Year everyone frantically makes resolutions to better themselves in the coming year. Often these resolutions are far fetched and are rarely fulfilled. Well this year I am creating food-themed New Year’s resolutions instead. Sure I find it difficult to reach my working out goals and I never seem to get more organized and stop procrastinating, but I am sure I can keep food goals. I mean I love food, so why wouldn’t this work?! So here it goes, my 2013 New Year’s Resolutions…

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Gluten Free Garage: A Recap

Gluten Free Garage

A week and a half ago my Mom showed me an article in the Toronto Star about an upcoming gluten free event happening in Toronto called Gluten Free Garage.  Skeptically, I read the article.  I had heard about other gluten free expos and exhibits happening around the city before, but was always hugely disappointed after discovering the vendors only sold mass-produced and highly processed gluten free crap!  I had no desire to ever attend an event like that, so I read that article with little hope in my heart.  But the more I read about the Gluten Free Garage, the more excited I got.  When I read the list of exhibitors online, I immediately marked November 11th in my calendar because this was one event that I was not going to miss!

The Gluten Free Garage stood out in many ways.  The most obvious being the quality of the exhibitors – one of the key reasons behind RonniLyn’s thinking in organizing this event. We’re talking about locally sourced and handmade products.  The exhibitors were friendly, knowledgeable and always willing to help.

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