My Favourite Gelato in Italy! It’s Gluten Free.

San Crispino classics: nocciola, pistachio and banana

Growing up I was so obsessed with ice cream that my first email address was a play on “ice cream”.  When I found out I couldn’t eat gluten, I was happy knowing there were many gluten free ice cream brands available.  But when I learned my body also couldn’t tolerate soya or guar gum, it was upsetting knowing that virtually all ice cream was taken away from me.  Except for Hagaan Daaz because they are incredible and only use natural ingredients.  I’ll gladly spend the extra money to eat that perfection.
But let me say this once, ice cream’s got nothing on gelato!  Real good homemade gelato with natural ingredients is far superior.  The amazing thing about high quality gelato is that it doesn’t contain guar gum, I have never had my stomach turn from good gelato (let’s hope it stays that way).

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Authentic Italian Gluten Free Pizza at Voglia di Pizza in Rome, Italy

Just look at that gluten free pizza - white pizza with pomodorino, buffala and basil at Voglia di Pizza

When I first visited Roma in 2010, I really wasn’t a fan.  It’s too touristy for my liking and I cannot stand all restaurants advertising ‘tourist menus’ in 10 languages around every famous site.

I’ll be honest I never thought that I would say that I now enjoy spending an afternoon or evening in Roma.  But now that’s the case.  We’re like old regulars with our favourite gelato shop and pizzeria.   We no longer have the need to see all the big sites, but the Coliseum at night is a must.  Whenever we fly to Europe, we try to always fly in or out of FCO for two reasons, (1) it’s a cheap jump off destination and (2) to get authentic pizza and gelato.  Last year was my first time trying Voglia di Pizza and I’ve been dreaming about the gluten free pizza ever since.  I did a lot of research last year for recommended gluten free pizza and there were several good reviews for Voglia di Pizza.  It was incredible pizza (I actually ordered two that visit).  I tell ya, good authentic Italian pizza is hard to find in North America, let alone a gluten free version.  That’s why I always look forward to Voglia di Pizza.

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