Gluten Free & Soy Free Chocolate Found in Toronto

To me Easter weekend is a really good excuse to eat a lot of chocolate (like I need an excuse). Ever since I can remember, I have loved searching for chocolate eggs hidden around our house. I’m pretty sure each year my Mom hid the eggs in the same spots in our family room, but somehow later in the year we’d end up finding that one forgotten egg that we missed out on. Now as an adult I find myself searching for chocolate in a different (more desperate) way. I’m on a daily hunt across the city to find gluten free, soy free chocolate. Thankfully within the past six months I have found more varieties of chocolate that I can eat. Here they are, the best gluten free & soy free chocolate that I have found in Toronto…

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A Lovely Afternoon in Lucerne – and Swiss Chocolate (gluten free soy free)!

My lunch - veal with mushroom sauce

Ry, Lisa and I spent a wonderful afternoon in Lucerne as a day trip from Zurich.  The covered bridge, Lucerne’s main draw, is absolutely gorgeous!  Just look at it, it’s like something drawn up in a fairy tale.  After leisurely walking around the old town, we sat down to lunch at Pfistern right beside the river.  You couldn’t get much better of a seat for the view and atmosphere!   I was able to order the Chalbsgschnaatzlets <Lozarner Art> – sliced veal in a delicate mushroom cream sauce, served with golden brown roesti.  The staff just had to make me a separate mushroom cream sauce to make it gluten free.  It tasted really good and the staff was incredibly knowledgeable about which menu items were gluten free and what substitutions were required.

Ok onto the best part about Lucerne – the chocolate I stumbled upon…

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