An Unexpected Modern Lunch in Bellagio, Lake Como

Delicious eggplant parmesan with one of the best tomato sauces I have eaten

We had such a lovely afternoon in Bellagio.  We took a boat from Como across Lago di Como to get to Bellagio.  It was a beautiful, quiet and surprisingly not overly touristy town.  We walked around the little streets to get some beautiful views of Lago di Como.  It took us a little while to find a restaurant that could serve me a gluten free lunch, in fact I can still remember the ignorant look a waitress at one restaurant gave me when I asked if they had anything gluten free.  So when we stumbled across Princess Bellagio, a fancy modern bar very unlike the small outdoor terraces of the other restaurants we passed by, I felt it was more important to eat at a place that didn’t hesitate at serving a gluten free meal rather than ambiance.  We’re talking an empty, entirely indoor bar with A/C playing five years old American rap music.  Not exactly the kind of place you’d expect to find authentic Italian food.  When I asked the waiter if they had anything senza glutine, he immediately started listing off their gluten free dishes.  So I was in.  As it turned out, the meal was fantastic!

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