A Deck and a BBQ

The selling feature of the new place Ryan and I are renting is the huge rooftop deck!  It’s incredible.  We both missed outdoor space so much at our old place and we craved to be able to eat and hangout outside again.   A balcony was on our must have list to move, we just never imagined this big of a deck.  Now we’re always out there.  I love weekends where we eat all three meals out on our deck.  We’ve also hosted a few dinner parties out there – all BBQs of course!  It’s so enjoyable and I love being able to eat great food and drink sangria while socializing with friends and family.  That’s what life is all about right!

We got a fantastic new BBQ and boy do we try to use every excuse possible to grill every night!!  After a few weeks we started realizing that we needed some new meat options, our rotation was too small.  Now we are open to exploring new meats, cuts and recipes and we’ve found some delicious new things to cook.

The great thing about BBQing (ok everything is great) is that you can easily do it all gluten free.  Meats and veggies are naturally gluten free so the options are endless.  Just remember to get unseasoned meats and to check ingredients on any rubs and sauces you use.  Be careful when it comes to burgers and sausages though because there are often wheat bread crumbs added as filler.   Look for more natural brands with shorter ingredient lists.  Some of my favourites are M&M’s sirloin beef burgers and for sausages we love Mark’s —– and Schniders Natural —–, both gluten and soy free!  Also, something we’ve become a bit obsessed with lately is grilled polenta!  It’s gluten free and delicious!

Check out a few of the dishes we’ve ate around here lately.  Try not to drool!


Mild Italian sausages, grilled mixed veggies, grilled polenta with parmesan and corn on the cob


A colourful lunch of honey garlic sausages, grilled yellow zucchini and grilled watermelon & feta salad

BBQ chicken drumsticks, mild Italian sausages, grilled polenta and zucchini, served with Greek salad made with homemade dressing