Food-Themed New Year’s Resolutions

Typically to ring in the New Year everyone frantically makes resolutions to better themselves in the coming year. Often these resolutions are far fetched and are rarely fulfilled. Well this year I am creating food-themed New Year’s resolutions instead. Sure I find it difficult to reach my working out goals and I never seem to get more organized and stop procrastinating, but I am sure I can keep food goals. I mean I love food, so why wouldn’t this work?! So here it goes, my 2013 New Year’s Resolutions:

  • Eat 5 small meals a day!  …rather than pigging out at dinnertime.  Plus, it will help to boost my metabolism and keep me full of energy!
  • Drink water!  Enough with the days where I don’t drink any liquids!
  • Meal Plan!  This will make it easier for me to stick to healthy eating and will ensure that I have plenty of snacks to bring to work.  Also, this should hopefully decrease the number of impromptu nacho nights.
  • Make homemade soup!  Apparently this is supposed to be easy?!
  • Learn how to make curry!  I want to branch out and try cooking other cuisines.
  • Try a new recipe every week or two!  I have so many recipes that I’ve been meaning to try, it’s time to finally test them out.
  • Go out to a new restaurant (in a different area of the city) every few weeks!  Whether it be a romantic dinner with Ryan, after work apps & drinks with friends, or a lazy weekend brunch with family – I want to taste Toronto’s top restaurants while exploring different areas of our beautiful city.  I’ll use our Toronto Life 2013 Eating & Drinking magazine for inspiration!!
  • Keep track of my gluten free adventures!  I recently started documenting the gluten free restaurants that I eat at, whether they are local in Toronto or while traveling other countries.  It’s such a great way for me to keep track of where I can eat and I can finally have a place to post my food pics.  I want to make sure that I stick with it and make it a habit.  Hopefully it will also help someone get the courage to travel with Celiac disease or a severe gluten intolerance.

Here’s to great food, fine wine, thought-provoking conversation and non-stop laughter!

Happy 2013 🙂