Gluten Free Cooking Class in Tuscany, Italy

Gluten Free Cooking Class Tuscany

It turned out that Ry and I had our own private cooking class at the Agriturismo Podere San Lorenzo and the menu was entirely senza glutine.  Does it get much better than that?  Well, yes it does once you know what we cooked and how delicious everything tasted!  The night before our class, we were told that we were going to be cooking for everyone eating dinner at the Agriturismo that evening, as well as the staff, so eight people in total.  That was a bit scary, but thankfully we had our incredible teacher and chef Marianna to help guide us.  I’ve never done a hands-on cooking class before; I must admit it was so nice not having to do any of the prep or cleanup!  We had such an enjoyable three hours in the tiny chapel that the class was in.  There was laughter and intense discussion on food while the homemade red wine kept flowing.  These are the courses that we helped to prepare, with the close direction and help by Marianna.

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