Cheese Overload in Montreux, Switzerland

Our cheesy spread at Le Museum Restaurant, Swiss classics at its best

“How do Swiss people eat this much cheese?” we asked ourselves, bellies full after eating an incredible dinner of traditional Swiss offerings at Le Museum Restaurant.  Well after posing that question to our local friends the next day, we found out that Swiss people only eat cheese fondue a couple times a winter.  That would explain all of the incredibly fit, gorgeous people.

Our dinner in Montreux, Switzerland was delicious and I’m thankful we got all of the cheesy classics out of the way on our first day in this beautiful country.  After walking around Lake Geneva to explore the cute Chillon Castle, we had worked up quite the appetite.  We met with my friend Lisa at the restaurant and together we decided to share three meals so that we could try a bit of everything, what a good decision!

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