Neighbourhood Review: Port Credit

Beautiful Port Credit

Have I mentioned how much I love living in Port Credit?  It has a beautiful location is right on Lake Ontario, a large park, community feel, farmers market, plenty of bars and restaurants, plus the GO station here with only a 25 minute train into downtown Toronto.  Everything is here.  Ever since I’ve gone gluten free, I’ve discovered just how lucky I am to live here. It is gluten free paradise, with many gluten free options available.

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The Pump House Grille

My favourite gluten free blackened chicken alfredo (lightly blackened)

My go-to restaurant in Port Credit is The Pump House Grille.  Around the time that I discovered I had to go gluten free I spotted a ‘New Gluten Free Menu’ sign outside it.  It was such a relief at that time knowing that there was a restaurant within walking distance that had a dedicated gluten free menu.  Since then, my friend Kaitie and I have made it a habit of eating there together and have quickly narrowed down our standard order.

The Pump House Grille has a larger than expected gluten free menu including hearty chili, nachos, salads and pasta dishes, as well as steak and salmon entrees.  My favourite thing to order is the blackened chicken alfredo.  It’s delicious – nothing fancy, just a big serving of creamy comfort food!  The pasta is so tender thanks to the creamy alfredo sauce that at first you might think they gave you gluten pasta, but nope – it’s just that damn good!

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