Gluten Free and Travel Link Love: June 2015

Interesting gluten free and travel news from around the web in June.


Gluten Free Travel Link Love June 2015

Gluten Free and/or Travel related links from around the web in June 2015.


1. Gluten Free Oats Label is Approved in Canada. So long confusing ‘wheat free’ label. (Allergic Living)

2. National Geographic lists out the Best Summer Trips of 2015. These really make me want to pack up my backpack and go. (National Geographic)

3. 19 Times Tumblr Nailed the Struggles of Being Gluten Free. Good for a laugh (and a cry)! (Buzzfeed)

4. Gluten Free Products Recalled in UK because of Possible Cross Contamination. It’s scary that sometimes you can’t trust the label; hopefully this doesn’t become more common. (BBC)

5. Amy’s Kitchen Opens a Vegetarian Drive-Through in California. Each menu item can be ordered vegan or gluten free. How convenient is that? (Huffington Post)

6. Some of Europe’s Best Summer Food Festivals. Have you ever traveled for a food festival? (CNN)


*Photo Credit: The above photographs are from the linked websites corresponding with the photograph number.