My Favourite Gluten Free Camping Meals

My Favourite Gluten Free Camping Meals

Camping is one of my favourite summer pastimes. Canoing, jumping in the lake, frisbee, campfires, seeing the stars, and playing cards. It’s all so relaxing. Ok well it takes a ton of planning and packing to actually get camping, but after you set up your gear, it’s relaxing. Actually, I find camping one of (if not THE best) way for me to relax and wind down. There’s no wifi or cell reception, so don’t even think about working or social media or aimlessly surfing the Internet. Plus, there’s no TV. It’s all relaxation. I find I get much better sleep and am more active while camping too.

Camping gluten free is easy. As long as you plan ahead. Two years ago I wrote down some gluten free camping ideas, but now I’ve compiled a more comprehensive list of my favourite gluten free camping foods, organized by meal.

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Gluten Free at the Rogers Centre – Toronto Blue Jays

Gluten Free Options at the Rogers Centre

There’s nothing like watching a baseball game at a ballpark. The sun’s shining, the crowd’s cheering, and normally to complete the picture, you’re eating a hot dog and drinking an ice cold beer.

I have always been a big baseball fan and I love watching the Toronto Blue Jays. Growing up I’d go to the Jays games with my Dad and we’d always get a sausage from our favourite street meat vendor outside the stadium. I still go to several Jays games at the Rogers Centre (forever the SkyDome) each season, it’s just that since being gluten free, my food and drink options are different…but it doesn’t make the game any less enjoyable.

Usually I bring my own gluten free snacks to the ballpark or I pack a dinner to bring if I go to a weeknight game straight from work. But recently, I’ve also been doing some research to discover other gluten free options at the Rogers Centre. I hope these tips help you enjoy the rest of the baseball season!

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8 Gluten Free Snacks Stashed in my Desk at Work

Gluten Free Snacks Work Desk

Too rushed in the morning to eat breakfast? Too busy to prepare a packed lunch for work? Does this sound familiar?

I’d bet that’s a regular occurrence for many people. But for most, they can grab a bagel on the way to work or head to a cafe to pick up lunch. Unfortunately, that’s not the case for me, or for others with Celiac Disease or gluten intolerance. While it’s becoming easier to eat dinner out, the chances of a gluten free bakery being on your way to work is quite rare, let alone a fast food joint with healthy, gluten free options.

No, for us, we must rely on being prepared. If we don’t bring a filling breakfast or lunch, it might mean being hungry, tired, and cranky for the rest of the day. So what should we do on those days when we’re too busy to eat breakfast before jetting off to work? Be prepared and have a backup! That’s right, have a stash of food already at work.

Here are the eight gluten free snacks that I keep stashed in my desk at work just in case.

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Gluten Free Lunch at Pub Italia in Ottawa

Pub Italia Ottawa

We spent last weekend visiting our dear friends in the suburbs outside of Ottawa. During our visit, we ventured into the nation’s capital to do some shopping and go out for lunch at Pub Italia.

Pub Italia is located in Ottawa’s Little Italy. It’s a cross between an Italian trattoria and an Irish pub. That means casual Italian food with an extensive beer bible, and menu items like Irish nachos.

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Another Gluten Free Trip to Grand Palladium Resort in Jamaica

Grand Palladium Jamaica Fruit

We had such a wonderful trip to the Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton all-inclusive resort in Montego Bay, Jamaica last year that we decided to go back again this year. I had just finished a busy period at work and it was such a cold winter that I wanted a quick escape to somewhere warm. Based on how busy it was and that we were going with friends who wanted to go to an all-inclusive, we thought it was easier to go back to the same resort as last year. I didn’t have the time to research other options.

My expectations were high considering the amazing service, great food, and lovely resort and grounds last year. Unfortunately, I didn’t find that my stay this year was as good as last year’s.

Don’t get me wrong, we had a great trip with our friends. Gorgeous weather, nice beaches, lots of snorkeling, refreshing pina coladas, and great company. However, it could have been a situation of new management or the fact that the resort has grown more popular and busy, because we encountered more unpleasant staff members than last year. I also found that while the quality of the food was just as high as last year, the service towards me needing to eat gluten free wasn’t quite as good. It didn’t seem like people wanted to help as much as before.

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Mother’s Day Brunch at Smith

For Mother’s Day we took our mom and grandmother out for brunch to Smith in the Church Wellesley Village.

Smith is a staple brunch spot in the area. It’s a lovely restaurant with beautiful décor details, such as antique umbrella holders, cute wallpaper, and a pretty mismatch of plates and coffee cups. The staff was very friendly and made such a thoughtful gesture by presenting each mother with potted daffodils.

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Cavallo Nero Trattoria in Ancaster

Cavallo Nero Gluten Free Pasta

Recently we had a joint birthday celebration with family from out of town. Instead of one party having to drive two hours to visit the other, we decided to meet in the middle and go out for dinner. The halfway point put us around Hamilton, Ontario — an area I had yet to explore since my gluten days. My mother-in-law found Cavallo Nero online, a restaurant located in Ancaster, Ontario. It showed promise since its website said, “We pride ourselves on serving only the freshest ingredients by adopting the farm to table approach with our local partner purveyors.”

Cavallo Nero has a decent sized dining room with nice décor. We had a great round table in our own little area which provided the opportunity for conversation that everyone could hear and follow. Too often you go out for dinner and can barely hear the conversation across the table.

I had the Wild Mushroom Chicken served with gluten free penne. The pasta dish was comprised of field mushrooms, spinach, and chicken breast with a white wine cream sauce. The mushrooms tasted quite good, but overall it was somewhat average. It tasted more like pasta in mushroom soup, and my bowl was pretty full of liquid. The sauce really didn’t coat or stick to the pasta.

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A Refreshing Raw Key Lime Square at Rawlicious

Rawlicious Key Lime Square

I really can’t say enough positive things about raw desserts. They are naturally gluten free, soy free, gum free, and oh so delightful. I’ve been a fan of them since living in Port Credit where I was a frequent visitor to Raw Aura. It’s such a treat to be able to pick out anything from the dessert case.

One raw chain with several convenient locations across Ontario is Rawlicious. I’ve visited a few of its locations – Yorkville, Bloor West, and Barrie.

Recently we had a family celebration in Barrie, Ontario and it was such a lovely indulgence to stop at Rawlicious in downtown Barrie to pick up a raw Key Lime Square for me and my cousin so that we could partake in the ‘birthday cake’ celebration in our own allergy/intolerance-free way.

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