Gluten Free & Soy Free Chocolate Found in Toronto

To me Easter weekend is a really good excuse to eat a lot of chocolate (like I need an excuse). Ever since I can remember, I have loved searching for chocolate eggs hidden around our house. I’m pretty sure each year my Mom hid the eggs in the same spots in our family room, but somehow later in the year we’d end up finding that one forgotten egg that we missed out on. Now as an adult I find myself searching for chocolate in a different (more desperate) way. I’m on a daily hunt across the city to find gluten free, soy free chocolate. Thankfully within the past six months I have found more varieties of chocolate that I can eat. Here they are, the best gluten free & soy free chocolate that I have found in Toronto:

Denman Island Chocolate
The colourful Denman Island Chocolate display at The Mercentile

The colourful Denman Island Chocolate display at The Mercentile

This was the first chocolate I found that was gluten free and soy free. Ryan actually discovered it four years ago and put it in my Christmas stocking as a surprise. Was I ever excited to know that I could eat chocolate again. Ever since then it has been a regular in my cupboard. It is Organic Fair Trade chocolate (63% or 72%) made on Denman Island in British Columbia. It comes in a variety of flavours, my favourites being Cool Mint, Simply Dark, Toasted Hazelnut and Razzle Dazzle.

Something very cute about Denman is around certain holidays they sell chocolates in different holiday themed shapes. It is a nice touch and certainly puts a smile on my face to be able to have a heart-shaped chocolate on Valentine’s Day, bunny-shaped chocolates at Easter, pumpkins on Halloween and Santa Claus at Christmas.


Theobroma Chocolat
Theobroma Chocolate Bars

Theobroma Chocolate Bars

This is my go-to chocolate bar at the moment. I am slightly obsessed with the milk chocolate with roasted almonds bar. I know it’s separated into six pieces, but they meant for me to eat the whole bar in one sitting right? It’s no surprise that I am a big fan of milk chocolate, so my heart melts for their creamy milk chocolate bars. They also sell other varieties including milk chocolate and sea salt (38%), dark chocolate and cherry bar (60%) and pure dark chocolate (70%).

Note: As always, please pay close attention to which type of Theobroma chocolate yo get though as it is only the Organic & Fairtrade chocolate BARS that are gluten free and soy free. The long bars and mini bars contain soy lechitin.



When I first found this brand at a health food shop I remember being so excited that I could eat a ‘candy bar’ again. My first bar was Smooch – vanilla caramel crunch flavoured. Each bite was like being a kid all over again, biting into the soft milk chocolate and getting the crunchy caramel chunks stuck in your teeth. I’m so sad that the stores near me don’t sell Smooch as I have yet to find another flavour that can compare with how good it is. These bars are nice as a childhood treat every once in a while, but personally I prefer eating solid chocolate.


Alter Eco Organic Velvet Truffles
Alter Eco Velvet Truffles

Alter Eco Velvet Truffles

OH. MY. GOODESS… It’s like a Lindor chocolate. I am so happy that I found these little pieces of heaven at a Evergreen Natural on Roncesvalles Ave. They honestly taste like a Lindor chocolate, you know the little round chocolates that have a solid milk chocolate shell and silky, smooth chocolate on the inside. You should have seen my face the first time I tried one, I was in disbelief that I could eat something so decadent like this again.

These dark milk chocolate truffles made in Switzerland are quite possibly one of the best things I have eaten in the past three years. The ingredients are organically grown and fairly traded, plus the wrappers are compostable. I highly recommend them to anyone, let alone if you are gluten free or soy free. And if you happen to be like me and can’t eat gluten or soy, then run, don’t walk, to go buy these. Everyone needs a little indulgence.

Note: These truffles are made on equipment shared with soy. For me personally, my soy intolerance is not sensitive and I haven’t had a problem eating them. However, many people have soy allergies and could be at risk, so as always please read the labels to be safe.


Enjoy Life Mini (Chocolate) Chips

Let me just say that it is so great that there is a company like Enjoy Life that is proudly free of the “Big 8” allergens. That means no wheat/gluten, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, egg, soy, fish or shellfish in any of their products. They are also made without casein, potato, sesame and sulfites. They have a variety of different products that range from cookies, granola, chewy bars and chocolate. What a relief to the many families out there who have children with multiple food allergies or intolerances.

These were the first chocolate chips that I discovered I could eat that were gluten free and soy free. It was nice to still be able to make lots of the baked goods I grew up loving. I also really like that the chocolate chips are mini in size. That makes them even better to add into my peanut butter energy bites. They also come in a chunk size too to make your cookies that much more chocolatey.


Camino Chocolate Chips

Cusine Camino’s chocolate chips are now made in an allergen-free facility. Just as always pay attention to the ingredient list as the chocolate bars are not made in an allergen-free facility and use soy lecithin (baking chocolate is safe though). This is great news for anyone with food allergies who still want to use chocolate chips and baking chocolate in their kitchen. They are richer and creamier than the Enjoy Life chocolate chips. Looks like chocolate chip cookies and chocolate chip banana pancakes just got a whole lot sweeter! Available in semi-sweet (56%) and bittersweet (71%).


In addition to the chocolates mentioned above, here and there I have also found some handmade raw chocolates that were great. I have also tried some other chocolates but I find that some raw chocolate is too gritty for my liking. I don’t like the texture enough. I prefer a smoother texture for my chocolate. I’m glad to see that slowly more chocolates are being made gluten free and soy free that don’t compromise on the taste.

Happy chocolate eating!!