Heading to the Beach: My First Gluten Free All-Inclusive Vacation

My suitcase is packed with bathing suits, summer dresses and Lara bars. After a record-setting cold winter in Toronto, I am ready to escape to the sunshine in Jamaica to relax with the sand between my toes. I am going on my first all-inclusive vacation since becoming gluten free.

In the worst case scenario I will be spending the next week eating instant oatmeal, peanut butter and crackers, and the two dozen peanut butter energy bites I just made. I have homemade chocolate chip cookies, gummy bears and chocolate bars to get me through while Ryan is taking seconds at the dessert bar. Seriously, whoever said going to an all-inclusive resort was supposed to be relaxing and stress-free surely does not have a food intolerance or allergies. I’ll be honest, this is the scariest trip I have taken since becoming gluten free.

I’ll be sure to share my experience staying at an all-inclusive resort, be they good or bad. My aspiration is that by sharing my experience it will help provide tips and encouragement to others so that more people with gluten intolerance and Celiac Disease will be able to still enjoy going to all-inclusive resorts like our pre-gluten free days (without spending a fortune).