Flying Emirates – Gluten Free

On my way to and from India, I flew with Emirates with layovers in Dubai.  This was my first experience flying Emirates.  I was excited to fly with them as I was going to be flying business class on the double decker Airbus —–.  What a treat!

Emirates is known for their service.

I called ahead and ordered my gluten free meal.  I know airlines have restrictions with their special diet meals, but to me and for others with multiple allergies or intolerances it is annoying that you can only give one option.  I can only say, gluten free.  So soy free is left up to chance.  In my experience, gluten free meals on airlines always mean fish.  Which is bad for me since I don’t eat fish.  But I had higher hopes knowing Emirates was known for their service and multi course meals.

Knowing I’d be on a plane for almost 20 hours with a layover too, I packed food with me and I stocked up on some snacks at the airport too.  At YYZ Toronto Pearson Airport terminal 1, I found a cheese stick, yogurt drink, fruit smoothie, water, Pure gum and banana.  I figured that even if I couldn’t eat everything the airlines served me, I’d still be ok.

Meals were multi course with real cutlery and cloth napkins.  Seems a bit overboard for an airlines.  But it was very luxurious after all.  Like I predicted, several of the courses were fish.  But thankfully there was always a couple of things I could eat from each meal.  I was also surprised to see that almost each meal was served with gluten free bread.  I didn’t eat the bread because I couldn’t be sure if there was soya, guar gum or xantham gum in it, but still a nice touch.  I did however eat some of the tea party sandwiches they served me on the flight home.

When they served me dinner of mostly fish, I asked them of there was anything else I could eat since I didn’t eat fish and they were always accommodating.  They would bring me out a fruit plate and a cheese board.

Emirates bar

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  2. Robert

    My experience with Emirates was very bad! . I asked for my gluten-free meal on my reservation (10days in advance!) for my flight from Rome to Dubai and they have served only a plate of rice and for all he duration of the flight I couldn’t eat anything else. Emirates is a shameful company. I will NEVER flight again with them!

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