The Gabardine

This week I met my friend Lisa for dinner after work. Lately we have been in a habit of either eating in Yorkville or getting take out pizza from Magic Oven. But following my foodie resolutions, I figured it would be best to try something new. Once again, I found out about The Gabardine from Toronto Life. If you’re ever stuck trying to find somewhere to eat, check out their website – you can search by neighborhood and type of food amongst other criteria, which makes it so convenient! A quick search of the Financial District brought up The Gabardine and boy it did not disappoint!

Lisa and I both ordered the risotto. We happily exclaimed that it was the best risotto we have ate since Italy. The Gabardine offers a daily vegetarian risotto, priced daily and naturally gluten free of course. We lucked out and had cauliflower and artichoke – I never would have guessed roasted cauliflower would be such a superstar in risotto!

Delicious cauliflower risotto! (I didn’t have a camera on me, so I relied on my BlackBerry)

You know those meals that you linger over? It was one of those meals. We were there sitting at our cute window table for 2.5 hours talking and laughing over dinner and wine. It was such a lovely evening, and to cap it all off we sinfully ordered dessert. I just couldn’t resist when our waitress told me that the icebox cheesecake was gluten free if they don’t put the poppyseed crumble on top. Ok, you got me – cheesecake is one of my weaknesses! It tasted so rich and creamy…but light at the same time. Very decadent. Don’t think your traditional sliced cheesecake. This was a generous scoop of goat cheese mixed with cream cheese served with rhubarb jam, honey, strawberries and blueberries! It was delicious! I want more.

Icebox cheesecake… yum!

Overall, The Gabardine is a warm and inviting escape from the hustle and bustle of the Financial District. The staff was incredible and so knowledgeable and accommodating with my gluten intolerance. When I called the restaurant to inquire about gluten free options, the lady said that if it was really wheat that I couldn’t digest, she had her own spelt bread in the back that she offered to make me a sandwich with. Aww, what service. But we know that there is gluten in spelt so it wasn’t an option for me, but still it was a kind offer. I would highly recommend eating here, I sure know I will be going back to get some more risotto!