Nothing like takeout from Barque to celebrate our new BBQ!

I can tell you right now that I am going to take full advantage of having Barque within walking distance of our new home.  Earlier this year when we first explored Roncy, we had an incredible brunch at Barque.  Since then I have been wanting to go back for dinner.  I seriously have daydreamed about eating their smoked BBQ for dinner.

On Sunday we had a busy day unpacking and organizing our new place.  We were pretty excited that we just got a great deal on a fancy new BBQ, yet with a couple hours of assembly ahead of us, we couldn’t wait that long for dinner.  So we decided to get takeout from Barque.

My share of the Sampler!

For anyone who has ever been to Barque, you’ll know that you want to eat everything on the menu.  So it was a no brainer to get the Sampler for two. It came with a choice of three meats and three sides.  That’s where the tough part came in… I seriously considered ordering extra meat because I couldn’t decide on only three.  After much deliberation, we ordered brisket, competition chicken thighs and dry rub beef ribs for meat; with smoked asparagus, Cuban corn on the cob and blue cheese polenta.  The meal was out of this world!  I don’t remember takeout tasting like this before!  The flavours were all so good and the sides really amped up the meal.  Surprisingly, Ryan and I both agreed that our favourite meat was the competition thighs.  We’ll have to try the meringue sausages, beef ribs and chicken wings next time!  In the meantime, I guess we’re going to need to start grilling more than just frozen chicken breasts on our new BBQ.

It’s dangerous that we live so close to Barque, we’re going to be tempted all too often!