8 Gluten Free Snacks Stashed in my Desk at Work

Gluten Free Snacks Work Desk

Too rushed in the morning to eat breakfast? Too busy to prepare a packed lunch for work? Does this sound familiar?

I’d bet that’s a regular occurrence for many people. But for most, they can grab a bagel on the way to work or head to a cafe to pick up lunch. Unfortunately, that’s not the case for me, or for others with Celiac Disease or gluten intolerance. While it’s becoming easier to eat dinner out, the chances of a gluten free bakery being on your way to work is quite rare, let alone a fast food joint with healthy, gluten free options.

No, for us, we must rely on being prepared. If we don’t bring a filling breakfast or lunch, it might mean being hungry, tired, and cranky for the rest of the day. So what should we do on those days when we’re too busy to eat breakfast before jetting off to work? Be prepared and have a backup! That’s right, have a stash of food already at work.

Here are the eight gluten free snacks that I keep stashed in my desk at work just in case.

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