A Heaping Plate of Tacos at Milagro Cantina

Mexican food is one of the most naturally gluten free cuisines in the world, which is great news for me since I LOVE Mexican food!  After an afternoon of exploring the CN Tower with two colleagues who were on business trips in Toronto (one from India, the other from Texas), we were on the lookout for food.  Since my colleague from India had never had Mexican food before, I couldn’t resist stopping at Milagro Cantina for a late dinner.  It’s a tacky decorated Mexican chain restaurant with three different locations across the city – but it serves good food and big servings.  I mean what’s a better dinner lineup when you’re starving than guac and tacos with a margarita?!  Yum!

For an appetizer, we started off with a big bowl of delicious guacamole!  Ambuj had never had guac before, so I had to order it for the table.  Now normally most tortilla chips are gluten free, the only problem was at this restaurant they make their corn chips in house, so they are deep fried in the same fryer as other breaded products so there is risk of cross contamination.  So unfortunately the tortilla chips were out for me, but on the positive side, the waiter was awesome and knowledgeable about my intolerance and he brought me a bowl of cucumbers to dip into the guac instead.  Wow, I’ve never thought of this combination before, but it’s scrumptious and oddly refreshing!

Tacos at good Mexican restaurants (not fast food chains) always mean corn tortillas, which is great news for those of us with Celiac Disease or gluten intolerances.  Ryan and I had trouble picking out which tacos we wanted, so we opted to share.  We had the tacos al pastor (pork loin, pastor adobo, pineapple, cilantro, salsa verde) and the tacos capital (pan seared ribeye, cilantro, salsa verde fresco).  So so so good!  Best tacos I have eaten before!   I must say that real tacos with interesting ingredients are so much better than the Old El Paso ground beef ones I grew up on!As you can see from the photo, our plates were overflowing!

Delicious Tacos al Pastor

Delicious Tacos al Pastor

No Mexican meal is complete without a classic margarita on the rocks!  Yum yum tequila!  Thankfully tequila is gluten free.  To top off the end of the meal, Ryan and I split a cheese flan.  The flan was the only part of the meal that was a letdown.  I didn’t like how heavy it was and the strong cheese flavour, I much prefer original flan.  Overall though, Milagro Cantina is a great place to go with friends if you’re looking for a big helping of good food!  I can’t wait for patio season because I’ll have to stop by the Queen West location to have a margarita on their wicked rooftop patio!

Milagro Cantina