Mother’s Day Brunch at Smith

For Mother’s Day we took our mom and grandmother out for brunch to Smith in the Church Wellesley Village.

Smith is a staple brunch spot in the area. It’s a lovely restaurant with beautiful décor details, such as antique umbrella holders, cute wallpaper, and a pretty mismatch of plates and coffee cups. The staff was very friendly and made such a thoughtful gesture by presenting each mother with potted daffodils.

The menu is full of scones, crepes, waffles, and brioche. Not the most gluten-free friendly, but everything my family ordered looked wonderful and everyone was pleased with their food.

The one gluten free item was the Huevos Racheros – corn tortillas, poached eggs, black beans, guacamole, and salsa.

Smith Gluten Free Brunch Toronto

Our waitress was very kind and understood my dietary needs because her sister has Celiac disease. However, there was a mishap because my meal came with a side of homefries. I hadn’t expected homefries since they weren’t listed on the menu for the Huevos Racheros. When I had called ahead of time, I was told the homefries were deep fried so they were cross contaminated and wouldn’t be safe. Of course, I asked them to remake my meal without the homefries.

It was quite surprising and slightly alarming that they were on the plate considering they weren’t on the menu. I started questioning whether I should have somehow anticipated this, but I had made it very clear that I couldn’t eat gluten. At least I knew better than to assume they were safe, it’s important to speak up and make sure that the food is prepared safely.

Glad I was on my game because that was a close call!